Optimizing supply chain management for the retail & consumers industry

It can be said that all industries must operate around the principle of “customer-centered” and the retail industry is no exception. During the pandemic period, the retail industry has experienced rapid changes in consumer shopping behavior. So retailers have been quick to deploy new marketing models to respond to that change.

Together with Hekate Digital’s rich experience, they will help you build an omnichannel marketing strategy based on advanced technologies. Helping retailers gain benefits, dominate the market, save costs, maximize profits and develop sustainably.


The big challenge of the retail industry in the digital

Technological advances have given consumers more choice, increasing competition among brands in the retail market. The expansion of the digital retail market on a scale beyond geographical boundaries has made this industry much more competitive and challenging.

So, to improve their competitive advantage, modern retail desk needs to use digital marketing techniques to bring the best value to customers


Solution to build multi-channel marketing strategy

Advertising channel management

Build the defining moments in your journey of experience with Digital Marketing. Developing outreach and product promotion strategies, designing sales channels, training and managing customer service – all of which will be precisely and logically dictated in the customer journey.

After-sales management

Includes: Sourcing, inventory, shipping, production and return management. This is a must-have element to ensure the supply chain can develop in the right direction, helping to cut costs through accurate forecasts of customer demand and production resources. Establish a perfect plan that balances business goals and inherent capabilities.

Sales channel management

Provide an online store with a personalized experience, to inform real-time user behavior and make recommendations to optimize the experience. In particular, building a 360-degree view for customers to explore products, interact with brands, and provide an intuitive shopping experience.


Chatbots are applied throughout the journey. Easily integrated into a website, app or social media platform and can collect information for use in marketing strategies. In addition, chatbots help give answers and fulfill requests from customers to internal departments in the business.

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