Digital healthcare: Uninterrupted and equitable health service

With the mission of providing solutions for people, Hekate Digital provides digitization, automation and intelligence solutions to promote digital transformation in the medical field, to improve health and quality. health services.

Our goal is to bring smart help to everyone, eliminate paperwork in medical facilities, create an online and transparent medical data system, along with improve the efficiency of health financial management. Digital transformation represents the contemporary healthcare generation, promoting equal opportunities in helping people access vital services and knowledge.


Current challenges of the healthcare industry


Our Solution

Patient portal

Provide easy access to health information, and create engagement and interaction between patients and healthcare providers

Remote medical

Enables clinicians to communicate with care patients, advise, remind, intervene, monitor, and consult remotely

Electronic Patient Record

Enables doctors and patients to access and manage medical records more efficiently, as well as improve operating costs in hospitals

Comprehensive management system

By digitizing data and enhancing the comprehensive medical examination and treatment management process in the hospital

Performance Dashboard

Display real-time graphs to monitor disease progression through data collected from wearable sensor devices


Trained to give accurate counter-response, by recognizing, analyzing content, and giving appropriate feedback

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