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We help shape the strategic use of artificial intelligence in business processes, analyze data, build predictive models, recommend and optimize processes to improve business performance.

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Our solution

AI virtual assistant

Automate customer care processes with advanced AI Bot from simple to complex. With AI Bot, all business activities become smarter.

Computer Vision

Use machine learning to understand images and make accurate predictions like object recognition, face recognition, emotion detection, text comprehension, and image classification...


AI recommendations are based on experience and expertise in the field of Machine Learning. Personalized recommendations suitable for each field, business…

AI virtual assistant

AI virtual assistant - Smart conversation platform


The conversational platform enables the creation of intelligent chatbots that automatically communicate with customers, answering frequently asked questions, user guides, and support documents. Reduce the work of answering basic frequently asked questions.

Text to Speech

Text-to-speech with rich choices of voiceover (male, female), phonetics, speed of speech and volume control. Improve interactions and intelligent responses with customers.


Build a Virtual Assistant that conducts automated two-way conversations with customers. Help optimize productivity, focus on handling complex tasks (consulting, sales), save costs for businesses.

Speech to text

Convert Vietnamese text to speech with rich choices of voice (male, female), phonetics, speaking speed and volume control. Improve interactions and intelligent responses with customers.

Computer Vision

System optimization with computer vision services


Face Recognition

Face detection and face attributes in images or videos


Classification of images

Automatically categorize objects, items or images into different categories


Error detection

Automate the quality check process by detecting errors and anomalies in images


Detecting Entities

Find news events, logos, advertisements and similar images on the web


Deliver highly personalized recommendations at scale

With Recommendation AI, you can generate high-performing recommendations for any customer touchpoint, including website, mobile experience, email, contact center ,… Seamlessly deliver curated offers with low latency to customers anywhere in the world.

  • Maximize data value
  • Automatic global scale
  • Delivered At Any Touchpoint

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