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Digital transformation of the real estate industry: Building a smart & sustainable city

In the real estate industry, digital transformation is an increasingly important factor in achieving business goals. Digitization helps to improve operational efficiency, optimize processes and provide better services to customers.

However, in order to achieve high efficiency and be ready to apply digital transformation, real estate businesses need to have a clear understanding of their current operations. It is necessary to develop a suitable technology application roadmap, starting from developing the core platform and going further to creating a satellite ecosystem. , ready to accompany businesses in the medium and long-term digital transformation journey.


Challenges of real estate


Our Solution

Optimize customer experience

Most real estate businesses have products that are searched and purchased online. However, the platforms are not yet optimized. Grasping this mentality, real estate businesses need to optimize technology platforms to make it easier for customers to find and buy goods through: Website optimization; Advertising platforms (Digital Marketing); Payment and financial services.

Project Management System

This system helps to organize and manage real estate projects efficiently and update progress in real time. From planning, design, construction to maintenance. Monitor the status of commercial projects: the number of sold apartments, the number of remaining apartments, the payment status of each apartment... Thereby easily extracting information provided to customers or preparing resources in accordance with the construction schedule, saving resources and improving efficiency.


24/7 customer support is one of the most popular features of chatbots. Not only answering common questions, chatbots also update incentives from real estate projects for customers. In addition, the chatbot contributes to optimizing the customer information collection process. In particular, the chatbot automates the process of scheduling an appointment to attend an event, visit a model house with a predefined scenario.

Virtual reality

Applying virtual reality helps businesses increase customer experience. Customers refer to real estate online with a high degree of authenticity, saving time and travel costs. In addition, virtual reality technology supports design and construction work. Investors can immerse themselves in the space with a real feeling, to experience the product.

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