Information Technology Services include

Hekate Digital supports customers of all sizes and industries to implement digital technologies


Business analysis, design and development of mobile and web applications

hire tech talent

Manage costs and risks with outsourced human resources


Save costs with outsourcing services

Development System

With our technology expertise and insight into the growth challenge, we can bring your ideas to life. Systems such as: ERP, MES, CRM, HRM...

Management Service

While digital transformation is a must, setting up an IT department is expensive and time consuming. Let us support you to stay competitive in the digital future.

Web & Mobile Apps

Hekate Digital's website development service covers all you need to create a tangible website, from concept to implementation to maintenance.

Check quality

We help you with testing and quality assurance before launching any technology project to find all system failures. By automation testing, manual testing and system testing.

Hire tech talent

Hire a software engineer

We help you reduce risks, costs and ensure the results you want. In particular, we have a team of talented employees who are professionally trained at Hekate Academy. Our working process:

  • Build the talented team for the project
  • Operate and manage the project development process
  • Transfer the team to the customer

Our Talent Incubator

We train talented engineers around the world through Hekate Academy


Top 5 leading technology training and research centers in ASEAN

5000 +

Professionally trained technology engineers

1000 +

Global employers become our strategic partners

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