The evolution of fintech and digital banking

When it comes to digital transformation, it is impossible not to mention the banking industry – an industry group that has determined to focus capital, technology, and human resources for digital transformation activities very early. Vietnamese commercial banks are showing their sensitivity to the digital banking trend, as shown by the fact that most of Vietnam’s domestic banks already have digitalization strategies and digital banking development orientations.

However, in general, digital transformation activities in Vietnam Commercial Bank are only in the early stages in many aspects including infrastructure, digital human resources, security requirements and building documents. innovation.


Our Solution

Automate back-office processes

By digitizing back-office processes through digital tools, banks will reduce manual tasks in document management and storage. Since then, errors in the operation process are also significantly limited. This trend of bank digital transformation helps customers to be more satisfied because the process and requirements are resolved quickly, accurately and conveniently.

Digital mobile banking

Digital mobile banking has become the main operating model of banking enterprises. The ability to meet user needs 24/7 on mobile and computer channels in the fastest and easiest way. In particular, optimizing user experience in electronic payments is a top priority in our roadmap for banking digital transformation, recognizing the indispensable role of smart mobile in daily life.


Chatbots can automatically answer all the questions that are asked over and over again, which are incredibly time-consuming, and they have a huge impact on departmental performance. Banks are planning to use chatbots to comprehensively simplify the customer experience. Chatbots are applied in banking: Personal banking services; 24/7 customer support; Personalized Marketing; Employee self-service portal.

Cooperation between banks, financial and non-financial companies

Banks are strengthening partnerships with fintech companies and startups to bring innovation and convenience to customers. To build Open Banking, banks can open application programming interfaces (APIs) to third parties to access their data or functionality. As a result, customers can provide them with an end-to-end solution or a variety of products and services (financial and non-financial) from multiple third parties.

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