Towards the future: The evolution of digital transformation in education

Education is an area that is being encouraged and prioritized by the Vietnamese government to promote digital transformation. Although there are still some challenges in the implementation process, if realized, digital transformation will bring many benefits to students, lecturers, training institutions and society.

Therefore, promoting the digital transformation of the education sector is the way to help Hekate Digital realize its aspiration to build a lifelong learning society, blurring the educational gap between localities across the country. Hekate Digital works towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) for education and transforms ways of providing universal access to learning. It can enhance the quality and relevance of learning, increase inclusion, and improve educational management and governance.


Our Solution

chatbot (2)

AI-powered chatbots are essential tools in learning platforms, benefiting students, teachers, and even administrative staff. During the development of the learning platform, chatbots automatically assist learners with basic tasks, answer questions, give feedback, and even advise students on the right learning process. Because of these advantages, many educational institutions have invested in chatbot technology and customized it to meet their specific needs.

Virtual Reality (VR) và Augmented Reality (AR)

Thanks to the metaverse world, students can immerse themselves in a highly realistic environment. This learning model gives students the most intuitive learning experience, helping to grasp knowledge faster and easier than traditional forms of training. Learners can use AR and VR to participate in simulations and games as if they were there.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into education will provide a personalized learning approach for each learner, allowing them to approach their weaknesses while building on their strengths. Use AI technology to read handwriting from student work and automatically grade multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank tests. It saves teachers time and gives students quick feedback on their work.

Join us in building a digital human resource for the future

For successful digital transformation in the education industry, it takes determination and pioneering from leaders in education and training organizations. By consensus and synergies, digital transformation in the education sector will create important effects and have a direct impact on the economic and social life of the country.