Message Channel To Automatically Search For Tourist Information

Da Nang Department of Tourism has cooperated with Hekate Technology Joint Stock Company to build, develop and pilot a first new message channel to automatically search fro tourist information.


Tourist Information Search Channel: Chatbot Danang FantastiCity

Every year, Da Nang city attracts a significant number of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Therefore, Da Nang Department of Tourism has cooperated with Hekate to put into operation the automatic tourist information lookup channel on SMS – Chatbot Danang Fantasticity.


The combination of technology and travel

Chatbot is an effective tool for Da Nang city to effectively promote tourism in the new normal period when the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic makes many domestic and foreign tourists not have the opportunity to visit Da Nang city

To strengthen the information channel to support tourists, Da Nang Department of Tourism has cooperated with Hekate to build, develop and pilot the first automatic tourist information search channel in Vietnam called Chatbot Danang FantastiCity.


Tourist information is updated regularly and thoroughly

In 4 years of operation, Chatbot is regularly updated with full tourist information, including categories: Sights, Events, Experiences, Accommodation, Da Nang Weather within 3 days and other categories. Other tourist information that guests need to know (such as public restrooms, ATM locations, hotline phone numbers, etc.)

Our Success

The Value Hekate Brings

Bringing efficiency to the communication of tourist cities as well as tourism businesses. Chatbots bring convenience to travelers with quick, instant conversations, easy to use, no download, and easy access.



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