Smart factory – The trend of manufacturing enterprises

Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Today’s increasingly complex market and rapidly changing customer needs and preferences are both putting enormous pressure on manufacturers. In particular, international partners place strict requirements on sustainable, transparent and ethical supply chains, which is also a significant challenge.

Hekate Digital works with manufacturers to address these challenges and has key goals in mind: Transparency in production, cost reduction, scalability and flexibility.


The manufacturer's problem is facing


Our solution

Digital Transformation

We digitize the production process on the principle of lean production. Helps automate and optimize real-time operations. From information collection, worker progress, materials management, production process, to quality control and delivery.

Build smart warehouse

Building a paperless smart warehouse management system through coding of warehouse input and output data, automating warehouse management tasks, optimizing warehouse space, updating information over time real fast and accurate.

Virtual assistant in production

Virtual assistants (chatbot/voicebot) are customized to provide guidance and answer complex questions or queries from partners/customers. Help increase interaction and provide professional support to customers, efficiently and conveniently.

Building a digital supply chain and creating value across all organizational activities according to Lean Digital principles, enhancing the competitive advantage of enterprises

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