Digital transformation consulting

Hekate Digital consults and implements a comprehensive digital transformation program, customized according to the characteristics of businesses and localities…. In order to create momentum for digital transformation and take advantage of available advantages, helping businesses and cities achieved breakthrough developments.
Three core aspects we focus on in the process of adopting digital technology and promoting social and economic development.

  • Digital government
  • Digital economy
  • Digital society
Key Pillar

Key pillars in digital transformation

Digital government

Bringing all operations to the digital environment, changing the way services are provided based on digital technology and data.

  • Digital technology helps synchronize, connect, transparent, optimal and convenient for users
  • Leverage collected data to connect, analyze and make appropriate policy, quickly
Digital Economy

The digital economy is an economy that applies digital technology to all areas of business to improve productivity.

  • Digitize key industries to increase efficiency and profitability
  • Promote ecosystems that converge around customer needs
  • Applying pioneering technologies as a growth engine of the economy
Digital Society

Digital society: Digital citizenship and digital culture. Digital society, together with digital government and digital economy, form the three pillars of a digital nation.

  • Government provides digital public services for interaction between government, business and citizens
  • People use smart devices to communicate, access and use digital services

Digital transformation consulting process

Build a digital transformation strategy

  • Understand the business strategy from the Board of Directors
    Identify core issues and priorities
    Develop and unify digital transformation strategy

Implement a comprehensive survey

  • Survey the current state of the business including customers, operations, technology, culture, data, processes…
  • Provide analysis results and propose appropriate solutions

Design a digital transformation roadmap

  • Completing the digital transformation implementation roadmap
  • Resource allocation, budgets, and KPIs
  • Internal communication throughout the roadmap

Consulting and building an overall digital transformation plan